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My Eggplant Stockpile

I love eggplant and everything it means when I see it rolling in off the fields and showing up in my Full Circle box. The lovely purple globes are the… Continue

Gabriel-Avila-Mooney FC-Communications-Guru

Full Circle Faces: Gabriel Avila-Mooney – Communication and Information Ninja

What brought you to Full Circle, and When? I joined Full Circle in 2009. My background is in writing and editing, though I’d spent more than half my life at… Continue

Full Circle Faces: Emily Thomson, Grower Relations, Sourcing & Farm Food Safety

What brought you to Full Circle, & When? I arrived at Full Circle in 2006, looking for temporary labor in the packing shed, but my resume earned me a management… Continue

Full Circle Faces: Doug Langum, Full Circle Farm General Manager

What brought you to Full Circle? I was recruited for this position, and align myself with the local aspect. Being able to get farm grown items into consumer’s hands faster,… Continue

Full Circle Faces: Ben Cory – Produce Buyer

What brought you to Full Circle? I had been working in the organic produce home delivery business for several years, with Pioneer Organics and with Door to Door, so when… Continue

Full Circle Faces: Jason Beaulieu – Seattle Warehouse Manager

What brought you to Full Circle? I was familiar with the Full Circle Brand, and what drew me was the opportunity. I have a history with inventory control, shipping and… Continue

Full Circle Faces: Frank Paganelli, Chief Operating Officer

What brought you to Full Circle? Frank: I knew Andrew from previous business interactions, and he recruited me in 2008 to put together a plan to scale Full Circle’s growth.… Continue

Full Circle Faces: Sally Trocano, Packing Line Supervisor

What brought you to Full Circle? Sally: Originally, it was just the need for a job, but what keeps me now are the people; my coworkers and the Members who… Continue


Full Circle Customer Service: Growing Diversity

This guest post written by Full Circle’s Customer Service Manager – Linda O’Brien Full Circle’s Customer Service offices are located in the old red barn on our Griffin Creek Farm… Continue