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Sorrel is on the Rise

We’re finally beginning to see some of the quintessential green things that tell us spring really is on its way. I know, technically it’s been here for a few weeks,… Continue

Easy Concord Grape Jam Recipe That Won’t Take All Day

Home preserving, as rewarding as it can be, takes a good amount of time. For most of us it means dedicating one of our weekend days to it. A pleasurable… Continue

Try This Amazing French Apple Cake

After waxing on last week about the glories of Tarte Tatin, and tempting you with baked apple deliciousness that you quite possibly did not have time for, I thought I’d… Continue

Easy Ways to Make Your Peppers Last All Year

As this year’s pepper harvest bonanza continues, it seems hard to imagine that in a few short weeks they’ll all be gone. Sweet Cubanelles, mild Anaheims and piquant Poblanos to… Continue


Fried Padrón Peppers Recipe – Now That’s Amor

You know how I am so fond of advising you to just make the plunge and buy some wonderful, but fleeting seasonal fruit or vegetable without possibly having a plan… Continue


Spicy Blackberry Chipotle Sauce Recipe

Is there something in our brain that triggers it to desire exactly what’s in season? Or maybe the warmth of the summer just makes us feel like spicing things up… Continue

Full Circle Summer Farm Events

A Labor Day Look Back At Fun Summer Events on the Farm

With summer officially getting off to a warm and sunny start after the 4th of July weekend,  Full Circle Farm hosted two memorable dinner events in July 2012. Outstanding In… Continue

French Potato Salad Recipe – Potatoes No Longer Wearing White

The other night as my husband and I joked about how it was almost time to put away our white and the boys looked at us incredulously — as teenagers… Continue


Skewered and Grilled Lamb and Figs with Mint-Pepper Glaze Recipe

I’m not talking about how some of the world’s most spectacular athletes likely felt these last couple weeks in London, no; I’m talking about something truly pleasurable involving skewers and… Continue

Farm Foodie: The Best Way to Make Castelfranco Radicchio Salad

A Taste of Italian Spring This post written by Farm Foodie – Debra Dubief Castelfranco. I only needed to read the word to know I wanted some. Even though I… Continue