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Maximize the Summer Harvest like a Pro

Maximize the Summer Harvest like a Pro

I blinked and July was over. Ordinarily, I would be disappointed at the swift pace of this unseasonably warm Washington summer, but we’re right in the middle of the best… Continue

Sorrel is on the Rise

We’re finally beginning to see some of the quintessential green things that tell us spring really is on its way. I know, technically it’s been here for a few weeks,… Continue

A Good Day for Pi(e)

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love some kind of pie, but I do know plenty of people with absolutely no affection for π or pi. For this reason I… Continue

“Uhnda Presha” – Pressure Cooker Italian Bean Soup Recipe

I’m not sure how one would phonetically spell the title of the 80’s Queen/David Bowie hit, but I will probably forever hear it in Bowie’s melodic British accent. And it… Continue

A Gem of an Orange: Blood Orange Vinaigrette Recipe

You can’t help but love blood oranges, if only for their deep russet red hues and rich burgundy flesh. But with perfume like a strawberry, the tang of a raspberry… Continue

With Cooked Squash, You’re Golden – Curried Squash Soup with Crab Recipe

One of my favorite things about winter veggies is the many varieties of sweet, golden squash that seemingly are always available when it’s cold. Lately though, I’ve noticed that the… Continue

Valentine’s Day Recipe: Dungeness Crab Risotto

This luscious dish is simple to prepare and a real treat. Just remember the key to successful risotto is the gradual addition of hot stock and frequent stirring. The amount… Continue

Move Over Onions

As we slide into the latter half of January enthusiasm for resolutions we were so gung ho about a mere couple of weeks ago often begins to wane. So, here… Continue

Decadent Holiday Desserts – Dark Chocolate and Pear Cake

This delicious pear and chocolate cake sounds harder than it is. Two things to remember: beat the eggs long enough until they are thick and pale yellow before adding the… Continue

Cookie Rituals

Of all the wonderful treats that surround us at this time of year, the ones that really slay me are homemade Christmas cookies. The truth is most of the time… Continue