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Pride of the Umpqua's Harmon Walker

Meet a Full Circle Farmer: Pride of the Umpqua

The perfect tomato tastes of sunshine: juicy and exuberant, an encapsulation of all that is ripe and lovely about summer. And summertime is what’s inside each fresh, organic tomato from… Continue

Charlie's Produce

Meet a Full Circle Grower: Farmer’s Own Organics

The Farmer’s Own label started with a grower cooperative in Olympia called Farmer’s Wholesale Cooperative. Charlie’s Produce, a Seattle based distribution company, purchased the label in 1991 to provide a… Continue


Master Your Kitchen In 9 Amazing Classes

These days every home cook with half a dozen delicious recipes thinks they belong on the Cooking Network challenging grand masters. There are so many cooking shows that Gordon Ramsey… Continue

Ralph's Greenhouse

Meet a Full Circle Farmer – Ralph’s Greenhouse

Ralph’s Greenhouse is a family farm located in Western Washington’s Skagit Valley. The de Vries family moved from the Netherlands in the late 1950’s. From 1960 to 1980 Ralph dairy… Continue

Sabatier Elephant Knife

5 Tips to Care for Your Knives

1. Start by treating them with respect Even with constant use a knife that is protected and handled with care can serve a chef/cook for 50 years or more. And… Continue

OPMA Farm landscape

Meet a Full Circle Farmer: Okanogan Producers Marketing Association

Organic Producers Marketing Association (OPMA) is a group of six farmers in Okanogan County who have joined together to form a co-op that allows them to pool their resources and… Continue


6 Tips to Eating More Sustainably for Earth Day

1. Delete the Meat! Meat production is inefficient and environmentally costly: It takes 1,799 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef, whereas most vegetable crops require only 38… Continue

Tieton Creamery herd

Meet a Full Circle Farmer: Tieton Farm and Creamery

Tieton Farm & Creamery is a 21-acre farm located in the beautiful Yakima Valley in Eastern Washington owned by Farmer Ruth Babcock and Cheese Maker Lori Babcock. Ruth Babcock graduated… Continue

TCHO Chocolate

Meet a New Full Circle Producer: TCHO

What does it take to make New American Chocolate? Obsession. Obsession with flavor, obsession with innovation, obsession over fusing the two to craft the very best chocolate, from bean to… Continue

Baia Organic Pasta Varieties

New Full Circle Producer: Baia Pasta

The search for organic pasta in the United States has been a hard one. Until we heard about Baia, most of the organic pasta we could find was imported from… Continue