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Squash Soup Final

A Great Weekend at the Flower and Garden Show for Full Circle

Full Circle’s booth at the annual Flower and Garden show, held at the convention center in downtown Seattle last Tuesday through Sunday, was a great success.  Thanks to all of… Continue

An Ideal Deal!

A great deal is hard to turn down.  It’s a funny thing to observe people, myself included, make purchases “because its on sale” or “the discount was too good to… Continue


While You Were Sleeping

A night out on the town doesn’t necessarily mean dinner, drinks and dancing for this group. They are the unspoken heroes of Full Circle, the Midnight Team of drivers that bring the circle to a close. You never see them, and rarely hear them. Like an organic fairy godmother, they drop off produce in the middle of the night. They brave the wet and narrow streets, the loading and unloading of boxes full of produce and have the night pretty much to themselves. Mostly alone, mostly unnoticed and for a few short hours, I got to be one of them.

Full Circle Box – Week of September 26th “The Delivery Man Cometh”

You ever wonder who that person is that appears in the middle of the night like a kindly organic tooth fairy and leaves that beloved box of goodness on your… Continue

Welcome to the Good Food Life!

Simple guacamole comes from good organic ingredients and clean sea salt. Use the best and you will taste it!