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Healthy Fats

When shopping through the green grocer this week I came across something I actually started fantasizing about; leaf lard.  Yes I had fantasies about lard, which you may judge me… Continue


Healthy Substitutions

The month of anticipation, excitement, parties, feasts, celebrations and family is upon us!  This time of year you need all the energy you can get so you can feel your… Continue

Full Circle Box – Week of November 21st “Thanksgiving Week”

Alright, this is the box. The one we’ll cart over the pass to my mother’s house in Couerd’Alene, Idaho for Thanksgiving with the family. My bid for turkey day in… Continue

Giving Thanks

Last thanksgiving, before putting on my apron and diving into the intricate meal I had planned for months, I took my dog for a run.  When I was growing up, getting… Continue

Box Breakdown 001

Breaking it Down – Full Circle’s New Box

So I’m going to forgo the usual box talk and give a quick shout out to the ‘new box.’ Full Circle’s new box, with the new look and design is… Continue

Power Through the Holidays

It all starts with Halloween – Sugar buzzes through your body and the night culminates in a candy-induced crash. Suddenly it’s November 1st, the stores are decorated for Christmas, and… Continue

Full Circle Box – Week of October 24th “All Hallows’ Eve”

I’ve got one word for you this Friday, okay two words – celery root. I urge everyone to sub-out at least one thing and sub-in some celeriac. Celery root is… Continue

Kimchi jars

Savoy Cabbage and Banchan Kimchi

All hail spicy kimchi. Find out why Koreans are notoriously healthy and skinny. That’s right its the magic of kimchi! This batch is made with Full Circle Farm grown savoy cabbage and Korean radish or banchan. Its easy, quick and will put the pep back in your step and glide back in your stride!

Ceviche recipe

Shrimp Ceviche on Grilled Escarole

A delightful summer dish, ceviche can be made my marinating seafood in the acids of citrus juice for up to two hours. This version cooks the shrimp slightly first to save time and beds with one of my favorite chicories, escarole which has been grilled an lightly wilted.