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Full Circle Box – Week of September 12th

This week’s box is almost perfect. With just one sub and a couple of added on Green Grocery items I’ve already got a plan for a few good meals for next week. Wild rice and kale salad is the next recipe, I promise!

Full Circle Box – Week of September 5th

The box next week looks great. A few subs for mushrooms and pears, a few additions from Green Grocery like scallops and shrimp – I know, I can’t believe we are carrying sustainable seafood! I can’t wait to try it. And getting excited for a couple great recipe to try out next week including Leek and Cremini Mushroom Tagliolini with Seared Scallops.

Full Circle Box – Week of August 29th

The box this week has little to change in it. A few additions to pair off some half-baked ideas like Korean barbecue, cucumber boats with tomatoes, feta and garlic aioli and a pork roast for tacos. A newly borrowed ice cream maker should make short work of next weeks stone fruits and the cantaloupe if not in the ice cream, won’t make it through breakfast. Next week – kimchi?

Full Circle Box – Week of August 22nd

Next week’s box contents are an exciting melange of fresh veggies fit for summer grilling, salads and small plates. A few ideas for next week’s box includes burgers, guacamole, green salad, wild rice salad with grilled squash and rainbow chard and breakfast fruits. Check out Wednesday’s post for details!

Full Circle Box – Week of August 15th

After I received my Fresh this Week email I went through and did some planning. Here’s a quick look through what’s coming in next week’s order and some ideas about various dishes and meals.

Full Circle Box – Week of August 8th

When I received my Fresh This Week email today from Full Circle and saw that Washington corn was ready, I immediately thought of one thing – creamed corn.  Seriously, creamed… Continue

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