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Good Gravy! (Recipe)

There is nothing like a wonderful sauce to top off a meal and at Thanksgiving that “sauce” is gravy. If you have done all the work to roast a turkey,… Continue

How to Make a Nectarine Rosé Sorbet with Lemon Verbena

I have never been able to resist all the magnificent fruit that is available in mid-summer, but this year my self control is stretched way beyond its usual limits –… Continue


A Salad With Sass: Lemon-Caper Dressing Recipe

In cooler months it’s easy to get lulled into the complacency of just keeping those ubiquitous pre-washed baby greens on hand for our almost daily salads. But come summer when… Continue

Five Great Reasons To Join Full Circle

As we inch along into our Northwest summer this week we transplanted over 4800 sq ft/bed of leeks from our greenhouses, a quarter of our overall planting into the ever-soggy… Continue


[video] Weekly Meal Planning

Check out the video below to see what’s in this week’s Pacific Northwest farm box. Check out some of the great recipes below to see if there’s anything you’d like… Continue

Top 5 Problems (and Solutions) with CSAs and Organic Produce Delivery Services

In my opinion, CSA programs, hybrid CSA’s and organic produce delivery services can and should, across the board, provide a measurably superior service to traditional grocery store shopping: a better,… Continue

How to Choose a CSA or Organic Produce Delivery Service

Healthy, sustainable, organic produce is a priority for all of us, but it’s tricky to choose the right CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) or organic produce delivery service that will meet… Continue


Valentine’s Day Pasta in Under an Hour

Have you ever wondered how Full Circle’s Good Food Combinations get dreamed up? Is it just some wild idea (usually), is there a process (we try), are the recipes tested… Continue

Braised Leeks and Creamy Risotto

Luscious Leeks for Your Feast

When it comes to Thanksgiving, our family is pretty set in our traditions. Once a year we are consumed by a need for bourbon-brined turkey, oyster stuffing and creamy mashed… Continue

An Ideal Deal!

A great deal is hard to turn down.  It’s a funny thing to observe people, myself included, make purchases “because its on sale” or “the discount was too good to… Continue