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Heirloom Apple Cake

Heirloom Apple Cake – Exclusive Full Circle Recipe

If you’re bringing dessert or hosting a fall brunch and looking for an alternative to the usual pumpkin (anything), try this wonderful, fall cake that will satisfy the whole crowd. The lush flavor… Continue

Sautéed Cabbage with Apples and Fennel

Green cabbage is a staple of old world eating. This simple dish pairs the sweetness of winter apples with tart vinegar and fragrant fennel. When sautéing cabbage don’t over cook.… Continue

Cranberries for sauce

Apple Cranberry Chutney Recipe

For those of you who didn’t get enough cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving, or those that did but want something a little bit different for a Christmas turkey, you should try… Continue

Dutch apple pie

Dutch Apple Pie Recipe

I generally don’t make pies. I like crisps, cobblers, buckles, brown bettys, anything that allows me to avoid making dough and creating a monstrosity of a crust that just gets… Continue

Mt. Hood Organics Farm

Produce Profile: Scenic Oregon Orchards at Mt. Hood Organic Farms

One of our current suppliers, bringing us delicious certified organic D’Anjou and Red Bartlett pears, is Mt. Hood Organic Farms. This 60 acres of orchards not only provides a scenic… Continue

Top 5 Fall Flavors

Fall happens to be my favorite season. I love everything about it from the crisp air, to the falling leaves, but my very favorite part of fall is all of… Continue

Purple Cabbage

Warm Cabbage, Apple and Walnut Salad

With the cooler weather coming our way, it’s nice to have a few warmer options for sides. Instead of the usual green salad, try this delightfully nutritious salad of cabbage… Continue


An Apple a Day in Two Different Ways

Every week I am excited to see more heirloom apple varieties popping up at farmers markets and in my Full Circle Farm-to-Table order. I love the possibility that an abundance… Continue


Why Apples Really do Keep the Doctor Away

Apples are a well-discussed fruit; from the Garden of Eden and Snow White’s spell, to the tree of life where Heracles traveled to pick the golden fruit. In Greek mythology… Continue