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Stir-fried Bacon and Kale recipe on the Full Circle Good Food Life blog.

Stir-fried Bacon and Kale

This stir-fried bacon and kale dish is an ideal side dish for two. The flavor of this stir fry is simple and earthy: organic lacinato kale is gently wilted and balanced by all natural… Continue

Guacamole deviled eggs recipe on the Full Circle Good Food Life blog.

Guacamole Deviled Eggs

Guacamole is one of my all-time favorite snacks. Deviled eggs are one of my all-time favorite appetizers. That’s why when I came across this guacamole deviled eggs recipe I knew it… Continue

Romanesco salad with bacon and hazelnuts on the Full Circle Good Food Life blog.

Romanesco Salad with Bacon and Hazelnuts

Romanesco is a special treat this time of year. An edible flower bud that superficially resembles cauliflower, Romanesco is well-known for its natural approximation of the Fibonacci number. With a crunchy texture… Continue

Savory sweet corn chowder recipe on the Full Circle Good Food Life blog.

Savory Sweet Corn Chowder

I know that it’s technically still summer, but the past few days of cool weather have offered pleasant relief from the record breaking temperatures we’ve endured for the past few… Continue

Cream of Celery Soup with Bacon Recipe

A little celery often goes a long way. Unceremoniously tossed into salads, used as a vessel for dips and a palate cleanser for hot wings, it isn’t often the main… Continue

Winter Brunch Recipe – Strata with Parsnips, Mushrooms and Bacon

What the heck is a strata anyway? In geology, the term strata, plural for stratum, refers to layers of sedimentary rock. A fitting description as well for the culinary version,… Continue