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Chimichurri Sauce - Exclusive recipe from Full Circle

Chimichurri – Exclusive Recipe from Full Circle

“Chimichurri” is just fun to say—and even more fun to eat! Chimichurri is easy to make with a no-cook recipe that will have you ready for game day or serving up guests in a hurry.… Continue

Side of the Red Barn

Garlic Scape Pesto

Thank you to everyone for making this year’s Outstanding in the Field event such a success. In the future we hope to offer more of these events, in various price… Continue

Lamb Chops with Nectarine and Cherry Chutney

Lamb with Nectarine and Cherry Chutney

In an effort to provide our members with more information to make use of their Farm-to-Table order from Full Circle I write Good Food Life. Weekly recipes, ordering and cooking… Continue


It’s Simple, Just Keep Cooking

I know, I know I said grilled lamb chops, but some complications with time constraints and me just not pulling the lamb out early enough led to a quick postponement… Continue

Spring Onions

My Full Circle Order – Week of June 26th “The Salad Days”

As I do every Friday, I’ll talk about what I have coming in my Full Circle Farm-to-Table order and how I plan to make the most out of my box.… Continue

Spinach Pesto Grilled Pizza

Grilled Pizza? Why Not.

As a member of Full Circle’s Farm-to-Table delivery, eating fresh organic produce is important to me. By receiving a once a week delivery I get all my ingredients for the… Continue

Red pizza prep

My Full Circle Order – Week of June 19th “Easy as Pie”

Every week I share with you the contents of my Full Circle Farm-to-Table order. Eating fresh and organic food weekly has never been easier, but it does take a bit… Continue

Rhubarb Shortbread

Roasted Rhubarb on Lemon Shortbread

Okay, so the blue cheese thing didn’t quite work out. I mean, it really depends. I mixed about three tablespoons into the whipped cream and it tasted pretty good. I… Continue


My Full Circle Order – Week of June 12th “Blue Cheese and Rhubarb?”

Each Friday I receive my Fresh This Week email letting me know what’s coming in my order and that my modification period is open. I’ll share with you some ideas… Continue

Braised carrots with spring onions and arugula oil

Braised Carrots with Spring Onions and Arugula Oil

I received my Fresh This Week email on Friday, and though I was too busy to tell you about it, I didn’t make any changes to my box, or additions.… Continue