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Delicious Fresh Fava Bean Pasta Recipe

I seriously can’t believe that fava beans are already here. For those of you in the Northwest, those of us still braving the 50 degree rains and grey skies, summer… Continue

Shrimp and Zucchini Risotto

6 Things You Should Be Cooking

Friends, the time has come for this foodie to grab the hubbie and kids and head off for a little R&R. While I’m away we’ve got some great guests lined… Continue

Taking Time for Favas

The vernal equinox may be the technical start of spring, but those of us that live here in Seattle don’t really consider it spring until we sequester the fuzzy coats… Continue

My Full Circle Order – Week of May 8th “Fava Beans”

When I received my Fresh This Week email today, I was delighted to see that favas were a substitution. Favas are one of my favorite spring beans and though they… Continue