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How Do Farmer’s Create Nutrient-Dense Soil?

One of the most important steps in growing food for Pat Herbert of Herbert Family Organic Farm is spreading his homemade compost over his 68 acres at the end of… Continue

The Birds and the Beans

It seems that the barn swallows have departed for their winter sojourn in Chile, just in time for our GAP audit. Although we kept them out of the barn this… Continue

Organic Farming Meets Falconry

It’s local berry time! Farmers’ market stalls are loaded with the bounty of the season, which lasts not much more than a month. We traveled up to Skagit County last… Continue

Does Full Circle Have a Farm?

For a few months now you’ve seen me pick apart a variety of vegetables and fantastic fruits, with an eye for discovering new and interesting things. For this week’s post… Continue