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Golden Borscht

Golden Borscht

This version of borscht uses golden beets instead of the traditional bulls blood beets. The mellow flavor and golden-orange color makes this dish rich and tasty. Try using turnips or other root vegetables that you have fresh on hand. May not be the most traditional, but it is mostly from the farm. You just don’t get any fresher than that.

Potato Cabbage Soup

Potato and Cabbage Soup

A good soup on a cold day does more than feed the body, it nourishes the spirit and brings calm. Soups can range from the simple to the complex, but here are a few steps to make the most of your stews and soups. Along with a couple quick tips is a simple recipe for a clean and simple potato and cabbage soup.

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Wild Rice and Green Kale Salad

Finally a wild rice and kale salad using a simple vinaigrette that everyone will love. A quick and easy dish that you can easily put your own flair on. Read the steps for the kale carefully as lightly steaming or quickly bathing it in hot water brings out its tender side and great flavor.

Scallops Final

Leek and Cremini Mushroom Tagliolini with Seared Scallops

These golden seared scallops pair perfectly with my favorite allium, the gentle leek. A subtle allium that turns to candy when slowly sauteed in butter, this recipe highlights its muted flavors with a simple sauce and some cremini mushrooms.

Kimchi jars

Savoy Cabbage and Banchan Kimchi

All hail spicy kimchi. Find out why Koreans are notoriously healthy and skinny. That’s right its the magic of kimchi! This batch is made with Full Circle Farm grown savoy cabbage and Korean radish or banchan. Its easy, quick and will put the pep back in your step and glide back in your stride!

Chard Plated

Italian Sausage, Summer Squash and Wild Rice Stuffed Chard

I know last week I said salad, but I started thinking about a family recipe, one usually made with a headed variety of Brassica and got side tracked. I promise… Continue

Ceviche recipe

Shrimp Ceviche on Grilled Escarole

A delightful summer dish, ceviche can be made my marinating seafood in the acids of citrus juice for up to two hours. This version cooks the shrimp slightly first to save time and beds with one of my favorite chicories, escarole which has been grilled an lightly wilted.

Full Circle Box – Week of August 15th

After I received my Fresh this Week email I went through and did some planning. Here’s a quick look through what’s coming in next week’s order and some ideas about various dishes and meals.

Final Plate Corn

Roasted Corn Fiesta Bowl

This week’s Farm offerings included Washington grown corn. I couldn’t resist and ordered some for my Farm-to-you box order. Perfect corn for my favorite Mexican creamed corn recipe, or as I call it, Roasted Corn Fiesta Bowl.

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Simple guacamole comes from good organic ingredients and clean sea salt. Use the best and you will taste it!