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The Sugar Epidemic: How Entrenched American Attitudes are Destroying Our Health

Over in the United Kingdom, there’s a celebrity chef named Jamie Oliver; some of you may have heard of him. In Britain, Oliver has had immense success revolutionizing diets–he even convinced… Continue


6 easy ways to eat less sugar

I know now is not a good time to start talking about cutting sugar out of your diet. Cookies, candy canes, hot chocolate and cocktails surround us this time of… Continue


Homemade and Healthy Energy

Getting outside for a walk, hike, ski, bike, snowshoe, run, climb or whatever the activity of your fancy, is often put on the backburner when the winter months are especially… Continue

Power Through the Holidays

It all starts with Halloween – Sugar buzzes through your body and the night culminates in a candy-induced crash. Suddenly it’s November 1st, the stores are decorated for Christmas, and… Continue