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Simple Chunky Summer Gazpacho Recipe

The trick to a good gazpacho is all in sourcing your ingredients. Gazpacho doesn’t leave any place to hide. There’s no cooking, no fats (besides the odd dash of olive… Continue

Oil poached tomatoes

Oil-Poached Tomatoes Recipe

Now that summer is here and the abundant sunlight is making everything grow huge and delicious I can’t wait for summer heirloom tomatoes to hit my Full Circle order. One… Continue

Canning tomatoes

Tips for Canning Tomatoes Safely

Home canning is a great way to make use of the abundance of produce you are finding in your Full Circle delivery. If we can up just 2-3 jars of… Continue

Mashed Smoky Eggplant with Tomatoes Recipe

Need a delicious, easy-to-make appetizer for your big Superbowl–or anytime–gathering? This recipe is quick and easy to prepare and will have your friends and family asking for more! Break out… Continue

Everything You Didn’t Know About Tomatoes

Organic tastes better I feel such a sense of pride when I look out my back window and see our tomato plant happily growing on our sun porch. We have… Continue

[video] Spinach Feta Quiche with Roasted Tomatoes

In this episode of Cooking Outside The Box, Cynthia Lair shows us how to make a spinach feta quiche with roasted tomatoes. Watch the video below, and print a copy… Continue

Chard Plated

Italian Sausage, Summer Squash and Wild Rice Stuffed Chard

I know last week I said salad, but I started thinking about a family recipe, one usually made with a headed variety of Brassica and got side tracked. I promise… Continue