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Wild rice with mushrooms

Wild Rice with Mushrooms

Use a mixture of cremini mushrooms along with shiitake, chantrelle or other wild mushrooms along with an heirloom grain like faro or einkorn to really make this dish stand out.… Continue

Full Circle Box – Week of January 23rd “Good Food Combinations”

  I was thumbing through one of the many cooking magazines I have recently and I came across an article in Fine Cooking on meatloaf. As we’d been trying to… Continue

Test and Blog Shots 028

Wild Rice and Green Kale Salad

Finally a wild rice and kale salad using a simple vinaigrette that everyone will love. A quick and easy dish that you can easily put your own flair on. Read the steps for the kale carefully as lightly steaming or quickly bathing it in hot water brings out its tender side and great flavor.

Chard Plated

Italian Sausage, Summer Squash and Wild Rice Stuffed Chard

I know last week I said salad, but I started thinking about a family recipe, one usually made with a headed variety of Brassica and got side tracked. I promise… Continue