About Us

A Commitment to Growth

For us, it’s always about growing. Sure, it’s about soil and seed. It’s also about growing a better food system, a connection to land and opportunities for organic and sustainable farms like ours.

andrew stout

Andrew Stout

Andrew was raised with an appreciation for planting and growing, with a master gardener for a grandfather and a naturalist for a grandmother. After earning his bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he interned at an organic farm in his home state of Minnesota that specialized in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). In 1996, Andrew and his future wife Wendy Munroe, moved out West and found themselves farming five rocky acres at the base of Mount Si in North Bend. In 2000, the co-founders traded their North Bend location for their Griffin Creek property, which remains the center of their farming operations. Andrew is passionate about land stewardship and salmon habitat restoration and has worked to ensure the farm’s practices are Certified Salmon-Safe. Andrew is an active leader on food and farming issues. He currently serves on the King County Kitchen Cabinet and the Slow Food Seattle Advisory Board. He was a founding member of the Farmers Market Coalition, served on the PCC Farmland Trust, and is the outgoing President of Washington Tilth. Andrew Stout serves as the General Manager of Full Circle. Andrew and his wife Wendy, who also works for the family company, have two children, Clare and Miles.

wendy munrow

Wendy Munroe

Growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Wendy's family had a strong connection to food and family as her roots go back to her great great grandfather Frederick Heinz, H.J. Heinz's first cousin. Her love for flora and fauna deepened in spending every waking moment out of doors. Wendy graduated from University of Wisconsin, Madison where she met her husband, Andrew, with a BA in Geography and a minor in Wetland Ecology. She worked for the International Crane Foundation and Fish and Wildlife Service for three years raising endangered Whooping Cranes for reintroduction, and creating long-term wetland habitat in Wisconsin and Idaho. She and Andrew started the farm together in 1996 and ran the flower CSA moving onto a long love of growing and selling vegetables and herbs. Her love for herbs and medicine culminated in a Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and Herbology in 2000 from NIAOM and Bastyr University and is ever expanding her plant biology knowledge both for food and medicine. She has a passion for children and their connection to the local food system as most of her days are spent on the farm, in the fields and in the classroom. Wendy Munroe serves as the Farm Experience Director and writes field notes, hosts farm tours and serves as the company spokesperson.

growing the good we can do

For many small, family farms, it’s your connection to other farms that helps you grow. There’s an opportunity to strengthen organic and sustainable agriculture and our food system by sharing knowledge, innovations and a market for your harvests with other like-minded farmers and artisans. For this, we are proud of our connection to the Barnes-Barsotti family, pioneers in the organic industry and farmers since 1976, as together we work to grow the good we can do to fix our food system by revolutionizing how communities can access quality, organic food. Thank you also to the countless artisans and growers who use our produce and help supply our family of customers with wholesome, nutritious food. Together, we are growing the good we can do.