Full Circle delivers the best, local, organic produce and artisan groceries to your doorstep every week, making it simple to live the Good Food Life. We are passionate about discovering foods that are filled with flavor and made by producers who care about sustainability in the food system.

Full Circle members receive a weekly delivery of organic produce and can easily customize the assortment of vegetables and fruit to include their favorite items. Members can also add unique groceries and additional produce to their deliveries, and specify which foods they would like to receive automatically in their deliveries every week.

Getting Started

I just signed up—what happens next?
Welcome to Full Circle! You'll receive a confirmation email that includes the details of your weekly delivery and a link to your member account so that you can log in and get started.
Every Wednesday Full Circle will send you an email about what's Fresh This Week and what's coming in your seasonal, organic produce delivery. You'll be able to customize your order and add any grocery items you want as well.
How do I get the items I want?
Full Circle gets your order started by curating the best, organic, seasonal produce available. Customize your order by selecting from 20 alternative items or just go with our handpicked selection of the best of the season. To swap items, log in to your account and select Customize Your Box in the upper right corner of the member home page.
Don't like broccoli? No problem. Log in to your member account and choose up to five fruits and vegetables that you never want in your order. Members can select their exemptions by visiting Permanent Exemptions under My Account.
How do I change the box size I want to receive each week?
Full Circle offers its produce box in four delivery sizes. You can change your box size whenever you'd like by logging into your account. Visit My Account and select Account Settings to change box sizes.
If you'd like the change to occur for your upcoming order, be sure to change your box size during your weekly modification period. Members who have chosen a pre-payment option will need to call Customer Service to change their box sizes.

How To Shop

When can I customize my order and shop for groceries?
Every week you'll have a set “modification period,” which is a 3- to 5-day window when you can swap out produce, add additional produce and groceries or change your box size for an upcoming order. Your modification period begins every Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. PST, and Full Circle sends a weekly Fresh This Week email to remind you when you can start shopping. Members can find details about their modification periods by logging in to their accounts and looking under Policies & FAQs.
How can I add the same item each week or every other week?
Get your favorite staples (milk, eggs, bread and much more) automatically added to your order every week. Items that can be added as recurring will have a green button next to them. As you shop, you can use this button to designate how often you'd like us to deliver your favorite items.
Why are there some days I can't shop at Full Circle?
Each week the Full Circle team is meeting with farmers and producers to curate the freshest products for our members. Since we offer seasonal products, our team needs a few days at the beginning of the week to decide what items will be offered. On Wednesdays we kick off the shopping period by delivering to you the Fresh This Week email, full of food and flavor inspiration.


What are my delivery options?
Full Circle will deliver your order to your home or to a convenient pick-up location in your community, such as a community center or neighborhood coffee shop. To find your nearest pick-up location, enter your ZIP code on our Pricing and Availability page.
Can I choose my delivery day and time?
Your delivery day is based on your delivery address. When you sign up for your first order Full Circle will provide you with a delivery day and a time by when you can expect your order. Home delivery orders are delivered in the early morning hours or during the day; the delivery time is based on your location. Orders delivered to community pick-up locations typically arrive by mid-afternoon. Your delivery day and time can be found on the My Account page, under Policies & FAQs.
Do I need to be home to accept delivery?
You don't have to be home, or even awake! Full Circle will deliver your order in the early morning hours and leave it at your doorstep or a location of your choosing. If you have specific instructions as to where to leave the delivery or how to access your community's gate or building's front door, contact our Customer Service team and they will add those instructions to your account. Your order is packaged so that it is protected from the elements and we provide ice packs for any items that require chilled conditions. If you live in Alaska, we recommend that someone be present during the winter months to receive your order.
What do I do with delivery packaging?
We'd love to have your packaging back so we can reuse it for future deliveries. You can leave any of the following packaging items outside your home on delivery days: bags, ice packs and temp-lock envelopes. The boxes should be recycled, so please place them in appropriate recycling containers.
How do I order groceries or additional produce?
Visit the ‘Shop Grocery' pages within your member account during your modification period. You'll receive an email reminding you about your delivery day, with a link to login and customize your box and add any additional grocery items or recurring grocery items to your order.
How do I update my delivery instructions?
Contact our Customer Service team at 1-866-328-9355 or CustomerService@FullCircle.com if you have an address change or you'd like us to add any additional delivery instructions to your account.
What if I'm missing something in my order?
We want you to be exceedingly happy with your order, and Full Circle offers a guarantee of 100% satisfaction. If anything is wrong with your order, please contact our Customer Service team right away.
How can I find out if Full Circle delivers in my area?
Enter your ZIP code on our Pricing and Availability page to see if Full Circle delivers to your area.

Manage My Account

What if I'm going on vacation or need to skip a delivery?
You can easily place your order on hold and resume delivery by logging into your account and selecting Delivery Schedule. If you want to put your order on hold, be sure to make any changes during your modification period if you want the change to occur for your next order.
How often am I billed?
Full Circle will bill you on the Sunday after the week that you receive an order. If you've chosen a 4-, 10- or 20-week discounted term, you'll be billed upfront for the entire term. Pre-payment will automatically renew at the end of your term.
How do I cancel my membership?
You can cancel your membership at any time by contacting our Customer Service team at 1-866-328-9355 or CustomerService@FullCircle.com. If you'd like the cancelation to be in effect for your next order, you'll need to cancel your order during your modification period.
How do I know what my cutoff time is for my weekly order?
You can find information about your weekly modification period by logging in to your account and looking at the upper right hand section called Customize Your Box.
How local is your produce?
Full Circle delights in offering you local, fresh produce from the farmers and producers in your region. As the season allows, we source from your region as much as possible. In cooler parts of the year we may offer more items from organic and sustainably-minded producers in other regions.

“This company has seriously changed my life… I can't say enough good about this company!!”

Tara — Ketchikan, AK