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Green Garlic Pesto Pasta on the Full Circle Good Food Life blog.

Green Garlic Pesto Pasta

Instead of a classic marinara, try this green garlic pesto pasta recipe on your next family dinner night! The green garlic really shines in this spring pesto-style sauce that is perfect… Continue


Green Garlic and Fresh Pea Soup Recipe

Spring into Summer with Green Garlic! Green garlic is one of those special seasonal treats that I always look forward to. It starts coming off the California fields in early… Continue

What to do with Green Garlic?

  Green Garlic, as I discussed in Monday’s post, is the mild and sweeter version of garlic, picked before the bulb and cloves are fully developed.  It has an amazing flavor… Continue


Green Garlic Anyone?

Green Garlic is a delicacy of springtime. One of the first fresh foods we are able to pluck from the ground after the winter months, green garlic is the immature… Continue