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Kale with Leeks recipe on the Full Circle Good Food Life blog.

Kale with Leeks

There’s a saying among produce professionals that “kale is the little black dress of the vegetable world.” It seems that everywhere you turn, there’s kale-recipe-this or kale-recipe-that, but the bottom line… Continue


Leeks Braised with Thyme

Braised leeks are meltingly creamy with a delicate flavor that is wonderful alongside so many things. The butter, liquids and herbs can be switched out to suit your meal or… Continue

A Versatile Dish for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner: Spring Fritatta Recipe

Similar to an omelet or quiche, a frittata is an egg-based dish without a crust that is not flipped. Traditional Italian frittatas were made with any number of veggies, cheeses… Continue

Scallops Final

Leek and Cremini Mushroom Tagliolini with Seared Scallops

These golden seared scallops pair perfectly with my favorite allium, the gentle leek. A subtle allium that turns to candy when slowly sauteed in butter, this recipe highlights its muted flavors with a simple sauce and some cremini mushrooms.