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Miso-Squash Grain Bowl on the Full Circle Good Food Life blog.

Miso-Squash Grain Bowl

When we initially came across this grain bowl recipe, it seemed too simple to be delicious; but it marries the sweetness of roasted winter squash with the savoriness of miso and… Continue

Behind the Food: Hodo Soy

Behind the Food: Hodo Soy

Full Circle works with the best farmers, ranchers and artisan producers in the industry to source only top-quality organic produce and other all-natural foods for our members. This week, we’re… Continue

Tofu Enchilada Recipe

Tofu Enchiladas for Cinco de Mayo

Tofu is the soft white curds of coagulated soy milk pressed into blocks.  Of Chinese origin it has been a staple food in the Asian diet for over 2000 years.… Continue


5 Easy Steps to Eating Less Meat

This post written by guest blogger—Anne Hilton Regardless of your reasons for wanting to eat less meat, changing your eating habits can be tough. Below are some tips for easing… Continue