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As farmers, we want you to love the produce we grow and harvest for your box. But what if you feel blah about beets? With the ability to Customize Your Box, each delivery comes with the option to view and make changes to the items in your delivery. We offer up the best seasonal items so you can tinker with your box contents. Beets out, bok choy in — or not, it’s up to you!

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Delivered THURSDAYS: To maintain the freshness of your produce from our farm to your table, your delivery will be quietly left on your doorstep between 8:00pm (the night before) and 8:00am* on your delivery day noted above. *AK deliveries arrive between 2:00 and 9:00pm.

Delivered THURSDAYS: Deliveries to office/businesses arrive between 8:00am and 5:00pm.

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Customize In 3 Quick Steps

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start with our picks

For each delivery, we'll choose a well-rounded mix of that week's best seasonal produce items based on your box type and size.

Our menu for your box starts you off with the best value in organic produce from farms you can trust.

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It's Time to Customize!
(if you want)

We'll send an email when your box is ready to customize. If desired, you can view and make changes to the produce items arriving in your delivery. Quickly add items you want and remove those you don't.

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find unique artisan farm products

After confirming your produce order, you have the option to view our selection of over 100 carefully-selected, specialty farm products. Add items like pasture-raised eggs, dairy, hand-crafted jams, local honey, organic nuts, dried fruit, olives, fresh flowers and more.


Silly Little
Farm Stand Statistics


of our members customize their box each week.


item most removed from boxes is mustard greens. But don’t feel bad for these spicy, leafy friends, they are some folks’ favorite!


most consistently-added farm products are fresh eggs and milk.


produce item added to boxes are Hass avocados.


of our members have a recurring item added to their boxes.


of members tell us when they involve their families in customizing their boxes, everyone eats more nutritiously!